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Propane / Hoses

Coumbs RV makes custom Propane hoses for nearly any application.

We have a multitude of brass fittings that will match almost any project you have at hand while dealing with propane fixtures throughout your RV.

We have a variety of knowledge when it comes to building the right hose for your propane accessories, appliances or to your RV itself. We can suggest the right fittings and gas lines as well as advising you on the proper pressure regulator or proper size of tanks you might need.

We certify LP tanks, cylinders and bottles as required by DOT specifications. We also offer a full line of new tank valves if one is ever needing replacement. Call our parts department today for any of these services we offer at (360) 357-6506 and make an appointment today at Coumbs RV of Olympia.

We offer a full time LPG (Propane) filling station for RV's, motor vehicles, forklift cylinders, BBQ tanks and any other size D.O.T cylinder you might bring in as long as it's certified and meets all codes. When you bring your tank in to be filled, just put it on the black box by the filling tank and a friendly staff member will be right out to fill you tank.

We assemble various gas propane lines that are ideal for your use with propane tanks on BBQ Grills, Patio Heaters, Smokers, Turkey Fryers, Camping Stoves, Cookers, RVs, Boats and all Outdoor Propane Appliances.